How We Price Our SEO Services

We build custom proposals based on your needs.  ROI is our first priority.  Transparency is our second.  We offer a la carte services that can be pieced together for retainers (with bonuses)—or training and consulting.  One-size-fits-all services don’t cut it.  Your business needs tailor made solutions.

 Example Retainers

Affordable Internet Marketing Solutions

We understand the difficulties businesses have with marketing retainers.  That’s why we offer other models as well.

We have a la carte versions of most of our services.  We can also guide you as you do them yourself.  Both of these options are more affordable and allow you to dictate the pace as needed.  Each can serve as the first steps toward larger projects or stand alone.

Marketing Director in a Box

Guided Campaigns for You & Your Team

SEO Consulting on Steroids

Training, To-Dos, & Consultation

Project management is a huge of part any marketing agency.  For us, it’s a simple task to put you through our training, give you to dos, and check your work, .

Starting at $500/mo 

A La Carte SEO & Online Marketing

Billed for Hours & Exptertise

Marketing Inteligence

Audits & Analytics

Marketing Strategy

Content & Reputation

Marketing Execution

Web, Social, Ads

SEO Products and Services Built to Fit Your Business

We build custom proposals for every single client.  Still, we price our services consistently.  Here are some common action items you might see on one of our SEO proposals.

SEO Deep Dive

Our free audits are generated based on 30-45 minutes of research.  Mapping out legitimate SEO campaigns takes more like 20-50 hours.  Deep dives are our most fundamental paid SEO audit.


Modern Marketing Hub Setup

We lay the foundation for cross-channel campaigns with professional analytics and integrated metrics.  This informs your campaigns with great insight.  Use each platform to its fullest and nurture leads of all types through the buying process seamlessly.

Starting at $625

Full-Scale SEO Roadmap

We combine several of our audit offerings to come up with a 6-12 month game plan.  This provides a solid platform to build from over the long term.  We apply our findings across proven protocols in preparation for impending campaigns—whether ours or yours.

Starting at $3125

Managed SEO Roadmap

We take our full-scale roadmap and translate it for your in-house team.  You receive access to customized GSP training materials and guides.  We also provide ongoing coaching and support.  Try our free SEO audit today for a taste of what this is like.

Starting at $4375 + $625/mo

Total Content Plan

Greensboro SEO Pro provides a blueprint for your next year of content.  We use our total content audit to outline a plan to get you search engine exposure for strategic national keywords.   It can be executed by us or another team of your choice.

Starting at $1875

Content Factory

High quality content is one of the best ways to build authority in your industry.  Users and search engines alike use it to determine your expertise.  Greensboro SEO Pro produces some of the highest quality content online, built to “wow” your website visitors.

Starting at $3125/mo

Auto Social Syndication Network

Get the most out of your social media presence. Supercharge the impact of both blog and video content with our “ASSN”.  Boost your digital footprint in ways Google cannot ignore, by automatically sharing content across leading social networks.


Online Reputation Management

Are negative reviews hurting your business?  With the advent of the “Yelp Era”, a business’ online reputation has never been more important.  We help you track and manage reviews, increase 5-star reviews, and protect against negative ones.

Starting at $625/mo

Local Citations Cleanup

The most legitimate brands make sure their business information is correct and consistent online.  After all, users hate incorrect business information.  Thus, Google does too.  We take control of your online directory listings and optimize them for local SEO.

Starting at $1875

Local "White Hat" Outreach

Building backlinks is an art.  Doing it the right way is something like the “art of online networking.”  As such, local backlink campaigns often produce real-world opportunities for local business partnerships.  This provides both online and offline benefits.

Starting at $625/mo

Industry "White Hat" Outreach

Building backlinks from authoritative industry sources can lead to national visibility.  It’s also one of the most powerful factors for SEO.  When done right, it lays the foundation for long-term exposure.  Put GSP to work for you, building industry notoriety.

Starting at $625/mo

Total Footprint Optimization

We combine our outreach, reputation management, and other off-page SEO services to maximum effect.  This gives users and Google the highest chance to find your content online.  As such, you have the highest chance of converting new customers.

Starting at $3125/mo

What You Get With Greensboro SEO Pro

We provide a full menu of SEO and complementary digital marketing services.  Beyond that, you get a principle-based partner.

Money In: Money Out

With us, it’s ROI or bust.  We know our role and we play it very well.  Every business needs to invest in marketing to be successful.  Choose an SEO consultant that gets it.

Total Accountability

At Greensboro SEO Pro, we pride ourselves on doing 1) what we say we are going to do and 2) the right thing.  We value the truth, whether in our favor or not.

Bespoke Packages

We create tailor-made SEO plans for businesses of all types.  Still, we provide fair pricing based on the hours and skills required of each individual task.

Professional Reporting

We don’t only track metrics that make us look good.  GSP reporting ties digital marketing to your business model.  We never forget that it’s all about revenue.

Long Term Partnership

We play the long game.  That’s why we’re in SEO.  We will be here for decades to come, through economic boom and bust.  We can help ensure you do the same.

Integrated Campaigns

You need a digital partner with a holistic marketing understanding.  We blend online mediums to hit your audience at the right time and in the right context.

Want a Custom Plan?

We want to help your business grow.  There are many paths toward that goal.  What we are best at is finding the highest ROI path forward then customizing a plan based on your business needs.  We like educated clients and intelligent campaigns.  Let us build one out for you.

SEO Experts You Can Trust

Greensboro SEO Pro runs cutting edge online marketing campaigns customized for your business's needs.  Our SEO services are built for long-term partnerships.

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Learn More About SEO

SEO is one of the most complex digital marketing mediums.  Search engines don't wait on anyone.  It's no surprise that search optimization is so widely misunderstood.

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